> The Meter Reader Whole House Electricity Monitor, Solid Core Connectors

The Meter Reader Whole House Electricity Monitor, Solid Core Connectors

Energy Monitoring Technologies EM-2500 (SO) | Our#: 175198

The Meter Reader EM-2500 is an advanced electricity monitor that can be installed near your circuit breaker box to monitor the power usage for your entire home.  This is the Solid Core version of the EM-2500, which requires you to disconnect wires for installation.  This electricity monitor is recommended if you are building or renovating your home, or if you are having electrical work done and would like to add an electricity meter.  Once the connectors are installed you cannot remove them without disconnecting potentially high-voltage wiring.

The Solid Core EM-2500 is great for permanent installation applications, such as:

  • Adding an electricity monitor to measure you total home usage
  • Sub-metering in landlord, rental or home-office situations
  • Monitoring commercial electrical equipment or appliances

The EM-2500 works by monitoring the current passing through the wires where the connectors are installed.  Unlike other electricity monitors that become part of the circuit, the EM-2500 makes no physical connection with the circuit or wires being monitored.  The Current Transformer (CT) connectors wrap around the wires you want to test, and measure the electricity flowing through the wires.  The EM-2500 is a save, electrically isolated low voltage monitor.

The EM-2500 is equipped to monitor two channels simultaneously, which are usually the two main lines connected to your circuit breaker box.  The display module can report on channel 1 & 2 independantly, or combined.  You can program the EM-2500 with your local cost per KWh (found on your electric bill), and it will tell you how much your usage is costing you in real time, as well as projecting what your monthly utility bill will be.  The display module can be mounted anywhere - keep it in a utility closet out of site, or mount it on the wall where everyone can see how much energy your home is using.


  • Display electricity used in dollars and cents
  • Display electricity used in kilowatt-hours (KWh)
  • Projects next electric bill based on local rates
  • Displays instantaneous power consumption (KWh)
  • Large easy-to-read LED display
  • Accurate to within 1%